SGT Jacob Mitchell

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
High School: Wilson/Jefferson High School
College: Colorado State University Pueblo
Joined Army: September 2016
MOS: 88K, Watercraft Operator

Jacob was a successful football player growing up, and was a member of the 6th-8th grade city football champions. He figured there were fewer injuries in wrestling than football, and took a liking to the Greco-Roman form. By the time he enlisted in 2016, he had won a college national championship, was a three-time NCAA All American, and had earned residence at the Olympic Training Center. He has continued his ascent with WCAP.

My parents put me in wrestling when I was five years old because I had way too much energy, and here I am today.

Career Highlights

2019 U.S. National Champion 2017 U.S. National Team Member
2017 Armed Forces Freestyle Champion
2016 U.S. Greco-Roman National Championships Silver medalist
2014 NCAAII National Silver medalist
2013 NJCAA Champion

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