PV2 Sierra Martinez

Women's Boxing

Sport: Women's Boxing 57kg
Hometown: Providence, RI
High School: Centennial High
Joined Army: February 2022
MOS: 92A, Army Automated Logistical Specialists

Sierra was introduced to Boxing by her father, although she didn’t pick up the sport herself until November of 2014. After some hesitation, her father let her into the ring, and she instantly fell in love with the sport. For Sierra, Boxing is a way to help discover herself, learn discipline, and is used as an outlet to channel her energy in a positive way. Her perseverance led her to become the 2020 Under Armour and USA Boxing Boxer of the Year; and also earn multiple national titles. In February of 2022, Sierra joined the Army as a 92A: Automated Logistical Specialist in order to give back to the country that has given so much to her.

Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up” - Rocky balboa


Career Highlights

3x USA Boxing Team Member 


1st Place - USA Boxing Olympic Trials, Lafayette, LA (125 lbs.)

1st Place - USA Boxing Summer Fest, Lubbock, TX (125 lbs.) (Olympic Trials Qualified)

3rd Place - Olympic Trials Qualifier, Detroit, MI (125 lbs.)

1st Place - Beautiful Brawlers International Tournament, Pacifica, CA (125 lbs.)


Junior Olympic / Summer Festival National Champion


Under Armor & USA Boxings Boxer of the Year


Junior Olympic National Champion

Western National Champion 

Youth National Champion


Junior National Champion 

Eastern National Champion