Are you a World Class Athlete? 

We take only the very best.

Are you a truly elite athlete, competitive at the highest levels of your sport? If so, let’s talk.

What that looks like depends on the event, but consider this:

  •  The members of our taekwondo team are all multiple medalists in national and global championships…and one is an Olympic medalist.
  • Between them, our runners boast NCAA Division 1 championships, an Army 10-Miler first place finish, and an Olympic medal—among plenty other awards.
  • Throughout WCAP, you’ll find the same credentials: broken records, collegiate championships, and demonstrated excellence against national and global opponents.

The Army has plenty of opportunities for good athletes, including the Intramural program and All Army Sports. But if you’re ready now to compete at the international level, learn more about the entry standards for specific sports below. If you qualify, click the Apply buton.

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WCAP Team Standards