1. The Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) supports and guides nationally ranked Soldier-athletes who compete and succeed in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, while maintaining military careers and promoting the U.S. Army to the world. WCAP was established to provide Soldiers of world-class caliber with the opportunity to train full time for national and international sports competitions leading to selection and participation with United States national teams, while maintaining their military specialties. Soldiers selected to participate in the program serve in this assignment at the discretion of the Army and may be released and reassigned from the program at any time based on the needs of the Army.

2. In furtherance of this mission, only Soldier-athletes, who meet the criteria below will be considered for admittance into the program. Any athlete applying to the WCAP who fails to meet the criteria should expect to have their application denied. Furthermore, merely meeting the entrance standard does not guarantee admittance into the program. The standards laid out are the minimum for consideration of a potential applicant.

3.  Soldier-athletes who meet the standards below are deemed athletically qualified for entry into the Army WCAP and will be considered for acceptance in to the program for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games at Paris, France and the 2026 Winter Olympic Games at Milan Cortina, Italy.


Must meet the 2016 U.S. Paralympic Cycling “Talent Pool” standard in at least one event for which applying:

Road Events Sport Classification Talent Pool Standard (time per kilometer)
Bicycle TT Men C1 01:41.17
  C2 01:37.41
  C3 01:32.16
  C4 01:27.53
  C5 01:26.11
Handcycle TT Men H1 02:59.63
  H2 02:13.89
  H3 01:44.17
  H4 01:43.52
  H5 01:42.34
Tricycle TT Men T1 02:37.09
  T2 01:56.64
Bicycle TT Women WC1 01:57.36
  WC2 01:53.00
  WC3 01:46.91
  WC4 01:41.54
  WC5 01:39.90
Handcycle TT Women WH1 03:28.38
  WH2 02:35.31
  WH3 02:00.84
  WH4 02:00.09
  WH5 01:58.72
Tricycle TT Women WT1 03:02.23
  WT2 02:15.31
3km Pursuit Men C1 04:17.28
  C2 04:04.40
  C3 03:49.22
  C4 05:00.75
  C5 04:53.35
1km TT Men C1 01:24.03
  C2 01:20.76
  C3 01:14.83
  C4 01:11.66
  C5 01:09.75
3km Pursuit Women C1 04:59.49
  C2 04:37.52
  C3 04:40.01
  C4 04:21.00
  C5 04:03.83
500m TT Women C1 00:48.58
  C2 00:47.27
  C3 00:46.68
  C4 00:43.55
  C5 00:40.66

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