2LT Caleb Allen

Modern Pentathlon

Sport: Modern Pentathlon
Event: Swimming, Fencing, Shooting, Running, Equestrian
Hometown: Roswell, NM
High School: Homeschool
College: New Mexico Military Institute
Joined Army: August 2017
MOS: 12A, Engineer Officer

Hailing from Roswell, NM, Caleb Allen's journey into modern pentathlon commenced at 13, drawn by the challenge of mastering five diverse sports. As a youth athlete, he secured the Modern Pentathlon Youth National Championship, a testament to his early dedication. Transitioning from high school to the U.S. Army, Caleb's commitment persisted, consistently qualifying for the World Team while harmonizing his Army responsibilities. His story epitomizes resilience and dual commitment, defining the essence of a soldier-athlete who seamlessly marries his passion for sport with patriotic service in the Army's World Class Athlete Program.

If you feel comfortable, you can push yourself harder.

Career Highlights


U.S. World Team Member


U.S. National Championship Bronze Medalist


U.S. World Team Member


U.S. World Team Member