CPL Charles Platt

Rapid Fire Pistol

Event: Rapid Fire Pistol
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
High School: Home Schooled
Joined Army: July 2019
MOS: 35M, Human Intelligence Collector

Charles started shooting competitively in 2012, when his father asked if he wanted to start going to the National Training Center Shooting Club at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. He did not initially make the connection that shooting was an Olympic event, but once he found that out, winning the Olympic Games became his goal ever since. He lived as a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center until he aged out of being a junior at 21 years old and joined the Army. Charles sees his service as an honor to his great grandfather’s legacy as a Soldier who was killed in action during the Second World War.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Career Highlights

2018 USA Shooting National Championships, Fort Benning, GA, Rapid Fire Pistol, 10th place

2017 Junior World Championships Team Member