PFC Amanda Bluford


Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota
High School: Robbinsdale Armstrong High
College: Florida International University
Joined Army: August 2018
MOS: 92G, Food Service Specialist

Though she was a gymnast at the time, seven-year-old Amanda got her first taste of taekwondo when she went to her brother's class. Through high school, she remained a multi-sport athlete, specializing in track and field. The lure of international travel eventually brought her to focus on taekwondo - and saw her become the 2013 Junior Pan American Champion. After graduating high school, the three-time US national team member and 2016 Olympic alternate honed her skills under an Olympic-level coach and continued competitions before joining the Army in 2018.

We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.

Career Highlights

2019 Mexico Open Champion
2019 U.S. Open Bronze Medlaist
2017 U.S. World Team Member
2016 U.S. Olympic Team Alternate
2016 Pan American Champion
2016 Costa Rica Open Champion
2016 Presidents Cup Champion
2015 U.S. World University Games Team Member

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