SPC Khalfani Harris


Sport: Taekwondo
Event: Men's -68kg Weight Class
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
High School: Spoto High
Joined Army: July 2020
MOS: 12B, Combat Engineer

Khalfani’s youth was filled with inspiration to pick up martial arts, from his father’s legacy, to watching Taekwondo greats on television every weekend, to a love of anime. He started sparring when he was six and fell in love with the sport, enjoying kicks and the satisfaction of hitting someone. Between high school and joining the Army, Khalfani made the US Team and won a gold medal at the Costa Rica Open. A Youth Olympic Team Member and Junior Worlds US Team Member, he now fights as a Soldier-athlete in WCAP, vying for Olympic gold at Paris 2024.

Surpass your limit. Right here, right now.

Career Highlights

2023 USA Taekwondo World Team Member


1st place - World Team Trials, Tulsa, OK      Men’s -68kg

1st place - Pan-Am Games Team Trials, Tulsa, OK   Men’s -68kg


3rd place - Belgian Open, Lommel, Belgium Men’s -68kg – 3rd place

2nd place - Puerto Rico Open, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Men’s -68kg

1st place - USATKD Pan-Am Championship Team Trials, Colorado Springs, CO, Men’s -68kg

1st place - USATKD Grand Prix Finals, Colorado Springs, CO, Men’s -68kg

3rd place - Dominican Republic Open, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Men’s -68kg

1st place - Pan Am Series 1, Fort Worth, TX, Men’s -68kg

3rd place - President’s Cup, Jacksonville, FL, Men’s -68kg

3rd place - World Taekwondo Grand Prix, Manchester, England, Men’s -68kg


1st place - U.S. Grand Prix Series, Fort Worth, TX, Men’s -68kg

1st place - U.S. National Championship, San Antonio, TX, Men’s -68kg

1st place - Senior Grand Slam, Colorado Springs, CO, Men’s -68kg