SGT Devon Lewis


Hometown: Stafford, Virginia
High School: Brooke Point High School
Joined Army: June 2016
MOS: Multiple Launch Rocket System Crew Member

Devon started Taekwondo when she was nine because her father wanted her to learn how to defend herself. Within a few years, she says, “I discovered I was a pretty decent fighter, and it just took over.” She made the Junior National Team as a young athlete, and continues participation at open and national competitions as a WCAP Soldier-athlete. For Devon, each medal she wins gets her a little closer to her goal: winning a coveted slot on the 2020 Olympic team.

Sometimes life gets in the way, but that doesn't mean you can’t achieve your dreams.

Career Highlights

2019 - Bronze Medal, Mexico Open
2019 - Bronze Medal, Cypus Open
2018 - Bronze Medal, Presidents Cup 57kg
2018 - Bronze Medal, Canadian Open 57kg
2018 - Silver Medal, Costa Rica Open 57kg
2018 - Bronze Medal, Pan Am Open 57kg 
2018 - Silver Medal, National Championships 57kg
2017 - Gold Medal, National Championships 57kg


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Bronze Medal, Pan Am Championships

Silver Medal, National Championships


Gold Medal, National Championships