SGT Niklas Poland

Assistant Coach

Hometown: Summerville, South Carolina
High School: Summerville High School
College: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Online
Joined Army: May 2016
MOS: Infantryman

Niklas followed in his siblings’ footsteps when he began taekwondo, and it quickly became a passion. He showed early promise, and medaled at a senior event (18-32) while he was still a junior competitor. By the time he enlisted in the Army, he had medaled twice at nationals and excelled at multiple international tournaments. His first tournament after basic training, he won an international bronze, and he has continued his upward trajectory in the sport since then.

Nothing you work for comes immediately. You need to go through every step of the process to be successful in anything.

Career Highlights 

2018 - Silver Medal, Canadian Open 80kg
2018 - Bronze Medal, Costa Rica Open 80kg
2018 - Silver Medal, US Nationals 80kg
2017 - Silver Medal, US Nationals 80kg
2017 - Bronze Medal, US Open 80kg
2017 - Bronze Medal, Costa Rica 80kg
Member, Pan-Am Championship Team
2016 - Member, Pan-Am Championship Team


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