SGT Terrence Jennings

Taekwondo Head Coach

Sport: Taekwondo
Hometown: Alexandria, VA
High School: T.C. Williams High
College: Northern Virginia Community College
Joined Army: February 2016
MOS: 11B, Infantryman

While strolling in the local mall, eleven-year-old SGT Terrence Jennings saw a kiosk promoting a new taekwondo school. Since his favorite cartoon featured the martial arts, he tried it out. By 2000, Terrence was traveling on his first plane ride to Hawaii for a competition, which he won. As a high school junior, he made the 2003 Junior National Team and won a bronze medal at the Junior Pan American Championships. As a WCAP Soldier-athlete, he trains remotely in Miami with the USA Olympic taekwondo coach, and recently won gold at the 2018 U.S. Nationals Championships in Salt Lake City.

No matter how big the step, just make sure you’re moving forward.

Career Highlights


2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist 


U.S. Olympic Assistant Coach


U.S. World Championships Team Coach

U.S. Pan American Games Qualifier Team Coach


U.S. Nationals Championships in Salt Lake City


U.S. Olympic Team Member, Alternate


U.S. Olympic Team Member


U.S. Olympic Team Member


U.S. Pan American Games Team Member