CPT Samuel Chelanga


Sport: Track and Field
Event: 10,000m
Hometown: Niceville, FL
High School: Bartolimo High
College: Liberty University
Joined Army: July 2018
MOS: 92A, Logistics Officer

Sam started running after high school to pursue an NCAA athletic scholarship. His older brother and his training partner, both professional runners, coached and mentored him, leading to become an NCAA D1 10km record holder. After college, Sam signed with a major sports brand and ran professionally for seven years, but after all that time, the finish line did not feel quite the same. He felt he needed a change and that serving his country in the Army was the right decision. A six-time USATF National Champion, Sam has now been a platoon leader for over two years and feels blessed and privileged to serve in this role as well as representing his Family and teammates at the highest level of his sport.

I joined the Army to serve my country. After seven years of professional running, the finish line didn’t quite feel the same. I needed a change and the Army was the right decision for me.

Career Highlights

NCAA Division 1 - 10,000 meter record holder

11th place - 2017 World Cross Country Championship, Kampala, Uganda.

2016 U.S. Olympic Alternate

6-time USATF National Champion