SPC Ednah Kurgat

5,000m / 10,000m

Sport: Track and Field
Event: 5,000m / 10,000m
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
High School: Biwott Ng’elel Tarit Seconday School
College: University of New Mexico
Joined Army: May 2020
MOS: 91D, Tactical Power Generation Specialist

A late start into competitive running hasn’t hurt Ednah in the slightest. Though she started long-distance running only after completing high school in her native Kenya, her performance immediately showed an unusual combination of drive and talent. She wanted to secure an athletic scholarship for further studies abroad – and ran well enough to do that at the University of New Mexico. An NCAA Cross Country champion, Ednah graduated in May 2020, enlisted in the Army the same month, and now chases dreams of Olympic victory with WCAP.