SPC Estrella Dorado

Freestyle Wrestling

Sport: Women's Wrestling
Event: Freestyle 53KG
Hometown: Denver, CO
High School: Springs Studio For Academic Excellence
Joined Army: August 2020
MOS: 92F, Fuel Supply Specialist

Estrella’s quest to find a sport she liked was difficult. She first tried track and field, but her mother told her she wouldn’t watch her compete in a non-contact sport. So, in 2015, she tried a couple of mixed martial arts classes and has ever since grown to love wrestling. Estrella joined the Army to be a part of the World Class Athlete Program and for the security an Army career would provide for her Family. She is extremely grateful for this opportunity to serve her country and continue to pursue her sport. Her sister is a fellow Soldier-athlete in WCAP, and both wrestlers are working in tandem toward Olympic gold.

I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity to serve my country and continue to pursue my sport.

Career Highlights


Armed Forces Champion - Women's Freestyle 55 KG


Junior World Team Trials Runner-Up

Junior Pan-Am Silver Medalist


Junior Berlin Open Silver Medalist, Germany


De Halter Utrecht Tournament Gold Medalist, Amsterdam, Netherlands

3-Time Fargo All-American