SGT Areana Villaescusa

Freestyle Wrestling

Hometown: Rio Rico, Arizona
High School: Rio Rico High School
College: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Joined Army: September 2016
MOS: 42A, Human Resources Specialist

Wrestling was deep in Areana’s family, with uncles, father, and a brother who wrestled. She started competing in 6th grade against the wishes of her father, who was also the high school coach. As a youth she took second at the largest high school wrestling competition in the country, the Asics Vaughn Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota, during her freshman year. At 17 she moved to Colorado Springs to train at the Olympic Training Center for three years while going to university full time and working nights as a nursing assistant. Since joining the Army and WCAP in 2016, Areana has focused intently on perfecting her wrestling skills – and winning the next match.

I love this sport because it provides the highest of highs and lowest of lows. It keeps us humble and continuously working to be better than yesterday.

Career Highlights

2021 - Senior National Team Member

2017 - Runner Up, 57kg, U23 World Team Trials
2017 - 4th Place, 57kg, Dave Shultz International Memorial
2017 - Runner Up, 57kg, U23 World Team Trials
2017 – 4th place, 57kg, Dave Shultz International Memorial, Colorado Springs, CO
2016 - 4th place, 57kg, US Open
2016 – 3rd Place, 55kg, UWW Junior World Team Trials
2015 – Runner Up, 55kg, UWW Junior World Team Trials