PFC Kamal Bey

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Sport: Wrestling
Event: Greco-Roman
Position: 77kg
Hometown: Colorado Springs
High School: Pine Creek
Joined Army: May 24, 2021
MOS: 92G: Culinary Specialist

PV2 Bey started wrestling when he was just three years old. His father signed him up for a local kids club, and from then on, he loved the sport. He chose wrestling because it felt the most fulfilling and he loves the feel of actual hard work. Through Wrestling, Bey feels he has always been pushed and progressed as an individual: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Whether you can or you can't, you're right. - Henry Ford

Career Highlights

4x US Open Champion


U.S. World Team Member


Junior World Champion

Senior World Team Member

Zagreb Grand Prix Bronze Medalist