PV2 Tristan Kelly

Freestyle Wrestling 76kg

Event: Freestyle 76kg
Hometown: Erie, Colorado
High School: Springs Studio for Academic Excellence
Joined Army: June 2021
MOS: 15P, Aviation Operation Specialist

Tristan began wrestling at the age of nine, with encouragement from her father. She fell in love with the sport due to the lessons learned on the mat that can be applied to many areas of life off the mat. Tristan joined the Army because she felt that the World Class Athlete Program was a great fit to achieve all her goals in wrestling—and the added honor of representing the United States Armed Forces at the highest levels of competition was beyond compare. Every time she steps into the WCAP wrestling room, she is proud to be among so many past and present Olympic wrestlers who constantly push her to be better.

It's an honor to represent the United States Army at the highest level and WCAP wrestling because it's full of past and present Olympic wrestlers. There is no room that can compare to this Program.

Career Highlights

2022 Junior National Champion

2022 Junior World Team Member

2022 Junior World Bronze Medalist

2021 NCAA Championships Bronze Medalist

2020 Junior World Team Member

2019 Pan American Champion

2018 PanAm Championships Silver Medalist

2018 Cadet & Junior Fargo Champion

2018 Cadet World Team Member