SPC Alejandro Sancho

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Sport: Men's Wrestling
Event: Greco-Roman 67kg
Hometown: Miami, FL
High School: South Miami Senior High
College: Northern Michigan University
Joined Army: July 2019
MOS: 31B, Military Police

SPC Alejandro Sancho has loved combative sports since he started judo at the age of six. He began wrestling at 15, and he says Greco-Roman became his favorite “because I could throw people on their heads.” After a Stellar High School career that included a Junior National Championship and World Team Membership, he committed to Northern Michigan University, where he specialized in Greco-Roman. At the senior level, he has been on multiple U.S. World Teams and was a 2020 U.S. Olympian.

The Army has changed my perspective in the world and has made me more disciplined/ hard working in my daily life.

Career Highlights


2nd place - U.S. Olympic Team Trials, State College, PA (Greco-Roman 67kg)

1st place - Pan American Championships, Acapulco, Mexico  (Greco-Roman 67kg)2023

1st place - USA Wrestling National Champion, Fort Worth, TX (Greco-Roman 67kg)

U.S. World Team Member (Greco-Roman 67kg)

3rd place - CISM World Military Championships, Baku, Azerbaijan (Greco Roman 67kg)

5th place - World Ranking Tournament, Budapest, Hungary (Greco-Roman 67kg)

1st place - Final X Wrestling Tournament, Newark, NJ, (Greco-Roman 67kg)

1st place - Armed Forces Wrestling, Bremerton, WA (Greco-Roman 72kg)

1st place - Team Trials Challenge Tournament, Colorado Springs, CO (Greco-Roman 67kg)


U.S. World Championships Team Member (Greco Roman 67kg)

1st place - Bill Farrell Memorial, Cedar Falls, IA (Greco Roman 67kg)

1st place - U.S. Open, Las Vegas, NV (Greco Roman 67kg)

1st place - World Team Trials Challenge Tournament, Coralville, IA (Greco Roman 67kg)

1st place - Final X New York, New York, NY (Greco Roman 67kg)


U.S. Olympic Games Team Member (Greco Roman 67kg)

1st place - U.S. Olympic Trials, Fort Worth, TX (Greco Roman 67kg)

2nd place - World Team Trials, Lincoln, NE (Greco Roman 67kg)


1st place - Armed Forces Championship, Kitsap, WA (Greco Roman 67kg)

3rd place - Pan-American Championships, Ottawa, Canada (Greco Roman 67kg)

2nd place - Pan-American Olympic Qualifier, Ottawa, Canada (Greco Roman 67kg)


1st place - Bill Farrell International, New York, NY (Greco Roman 67kg)

1st place - Senior Nationals/Olympic Trials Qualifier, Fort Worth, TX (Greco Roman 67kg)

2017, 2016

U.S. National Team Member