SSG Lucas Sheridan

Greco-Roman Wrestling

Hometown: Concord, California
High School: De La Salle High School
College: Indiana University
Joined Army: May 2015
MOS: 88N, Transportation Management Coordinator

Lucas was originally drawn to wrestling because it was a way he and his brother could fight and not get in trouble for it. In fact, it was the only sport they could participate in together, since they always found themselves on different baseball, basketball and soccer teams. Lucas developed as a wrestler, and earned an opportunity to compete at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in 2010 in Singapore. He wrestled at Indiana University, then became a Soldier-athlete with WCAP and All Army Wrestling.

I love wrestling because of its barbaric simplicity: you versus me…may the better man win.

Career Highlights


U.S. National Champion

Senior National Team Member


U.S. National Championships Silver medalist


National Team Member

Bill Farrel Open Champion


2-Time Junior World Team Member

University National Champion


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Sheridan B.jpg