SSG Jenna Burkert

Freestyle Wrestling

Sport: Women's Wrestling
Event: Freestyle 55kg
Hometown: Rocky Point, NY
High School: Marquette Senior High
College: University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Joined Army: May 2016
MOS: 92Y, Unit Supply Specialist

A boy ripped a flyer out of six-year-old Jenna’s hand, telling her, “Jenna, you can’t do that – you’re a girl!” From that moment, she was determined to prove him wrong. She chose to focus on wrestling in high school, knowing from a young age that she wanted to be an Olympian. After high school, she attended college and trained as a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center. She joined the U.S. Army in 2016 and has displayed exceptional performances on the mat while also demonstrating unwavering dedication and discipline as a United States Soldier.

I am a part of something bigger than myself. I’m a Soldier, and that pushes me to perform at my absolute best.

Career Highlights

2021 World Bronze Medalist

4x U.S. World Team Member (Freestyle 60/59/57/55kg)

3x U.S. Junior World Team Member (Freestyle 59kg)


3rd place - Wrestling World Championships (Freestyle 55kg)

2nd place - U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Fort Worth, TX (Freestyle 57kg)

3rd place - Final X World Team Trials (Freestyle 55kg)


U.S. Olympic Team Alternate (Freestyle 57kg)

2nd place - Pan Am Championship Wrestle Off, Marietta, GA (Freestyle 57kg)


U.S. World Team member

2nd place - U.S. Open, Las Vegas, NV (Freestyle 57kg)

1st place - World Team Challenge Tournament, Raleigh, NC (Freestyle 57kg)

1st place - Final X Rutgers, Bridgewater, NJ  (Freestyle 57kg)

2nd place - Pan American Games, Lima, Peru  (Freestyle 57kg)


U.S. World Team member

3rd place - U.S. Open, Las Vegas, NV (Freestyle 62kg)

1st place - Women’s Freestyle World Team Trials Challenge Tournament, Rochester, MN (Freestyle 59kg)

1st place - Ion Cornianu Tournament, Bucharest, Romania (Freestyle 59kg)​​​​​​​2016

1st place - Senior Nationals & Trials Qualifier, Las Vegas, NV ​​​​​​​(Freestyle 60kg)2014

U.S. National Championships Gold Medalist (Freestyle60kg)