SPC Spencer Woods

Greco-Roman Wrestling 87kg

Hometown: Shungnak, Alaska
High School: Kotzebue Middle-High
College: Northern Michigan University
Joined Army: June 2020
MOS: 12K, Plumber/Pipe Fitter

Growing up in a small village 50 miles above the Arctic Circle, Spencer didn’t have many distractions from wrestling. Although he initially imagined WWE-style grappling, he tried wrestling at school and grew to love it. In fact, he never missed a practice through high school graduation. Over time, he focused on Greco-Roman wrestling, sometimes traveling significant distances to perfect his skills. His collegiate career took him across the country and to Austria, Panama, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Denmark to compete. Though his grandfather fought with the Army in World War II and his father is a retired Army officer, Spencer hadn’t given the service much thought – until he heard about the World Class Athlete Program and realized he didn’t have to give up Olympic dreams to follow in their footsteps.

I am a U.S. Army Soldier with an awesome opportunity to represent the USA and U.S. Army on a world-class level. I love to compete but I am proud to say that I am a Soldier First.

Career Highlights

2019 - Runner-Up, Senior US Open

2019 - Champion, Malar Cupen (Sweden)

2019 - Runner-Up, NYAC Bill Farrell Memorial Olympic Trials Qualifier