SSG Iris Smith

Wrestling Assistant Coach

Sport: Wrestling
Hometown: Albany Georgia
High School: Dougherty High School
Joined Army: October 2001
MOS: Motor Transport Operator

Iris’s brother was on the high school wrestling team, and his coach saw them horsing around after a tournament. He noticed her grappling skills, and told her mom Iris belonged on the wrestling mat. “Wrestling has been part of my life every day since,” says Iris. During her wrestling career, she racked up US National Championships, University National Championship titles, World Freestyle Wrestling Championships, and many other awards. As a team assistant coach, she now focuses on passing on her hard-won lessons to new WCAP wrestlers.

My mother always taught me to follow my dreams – and no matter what to always fight for what’s right and for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Career Highlights

2010 - Military World Freestyle Wrestling Champion
2005 - World Freestyle Wrestling Champion
2000-2012 – 6-time US National Champion
1997-1999 – 3-time University National Championship titles