SGT Emily Sweeney wins Bronze in the women's luge singles event at the 2019 Luge World Championships

Photo by Sandro Halank

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SGT Emily Sweeney is all smiles after her Bronze medal performance in the women’s luge singles event at the 2019 Luge World Championships in Winterburg, Germany, but the path to Bronze was not easy.  Less than a year ago, SGT Sweeney fractured her neck and spine after she lost control of her sled during her final run down the track at the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, Korea. 

“It’s still sinking in that I have a medal from World Championships,” said Sweeney.  “It’s something that I have always dreamed of, but until recently I couldn’t picture myself on the podium.  My year since crashing at the Olympic Games has been incredibly challenging. Resiliency skills have been constant throughout my Army career and with those tools I have become a more confident athlete.  My body still has some recovering to do, but mentally, I am a stronger athlete.”  


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